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Author Spotlight: Aaron J Webber

We are excited to announce Aaron J Webber as this month’s Author Spotlight in celebration of his most recent novel Annals of an Empire

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About Annals of an Empire 

A small colony on the edge of the Empire disappears in a bloody catastrophe with no suspects and no motive.  Commodore Marcus Braddock, a rising star for his unrelenting pursuit of justice, is sent to investigate the scene. A trail of murder and crime leads him across the galaxy, meeting pirates, gangsters, and traitors; and he discovers that it all leads to one terrible truth: one of their own is working with the notorious Doctor Swinehouse to overthrow the government. They’ve been betrayed, and it’s too late to stop it.

With the help of disillusioned superstar, Larry Greensleeves, Marcus must choose whether to save those he loves, save the citizens of the Empire, or pursue those responsible. There’s no time to do all three. Sometimes, doing the right thing means giving up everything.


About Aaron J Webber 

Aaron is a published author and marketing writer with 10 years of writing for Fortune-100 companies on publications including Huffington Post and INC. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in macroeconomics but quickly discovered his passion was the written word and since dedicated his life to writing fiction and marketing consulting. He is now the Senior Writer for Edgenuity in Scottsdale, Arizona.

He edits novels as a freelance editor, including books in the Shadowrun universe by Catalyst Game Labs, and writes copy for marketing agencies and clients. Two of his newest sci-fi short stories, The Hunter and Frozen Baron will be published in 2021. Married with two daughters, he spends his free time practicing calligraphy, ghostwriting, and chasing agents.

To learn more about Aaron J Webber, visit his website.

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