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BookBoro Press Publishes First Sci-Fi Novella: Privacy Lost

We are excited to share with our BookBoro community the first novella of a compelling sci-fi trilogy published by BookBoro Press, Privacy Lost by Edward M. Plut.

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About Privacy Lost

In the year 2045, implantable technology that allowed human beings to live to their full biological potential was perfected and regulated. But the technology was expensive and only available to the extremely wealthy. After a period of global unrest, implantable technology was then made available to the masses through advertising. Wet advertising, called wet ads, were initiated from within one’s body. It was triggered by a person’s location, their visual and auditory data, and their physiology, and it allowed advertisers to directly stimulate their senses and emotional responses to influence their purchasing decisions. Though this implantable health technology enabled anyone who wanted a longer and healthier life to receive an implant, it came at a high price, one with far-reaching effects and troubling implications.

In Privacy Lost, the first novella of a compelling sci-fi trilogy, author Edward M. Plut introduces readers to a plausible and probable future. He causes us to ponder how deeply we might allow corporations and consumerism into our lives and into our bodies. He asks us to consider what trade-offs we’re willing to make for longer, better lives. When it comes down to it, what are we trading away?


About Edward M. Plut

EDWARD M. PLUT has leveraged a lifetime of experiences and an obsessively curious mind. He has been a dishwasher, soldier, research scientist, nuclear pharmacist, and business executive, earning awards and accolades throughout his career. As a creative thinker with deep knowledge of artificial intelligence, data science, healthcare, and technology, he is inventing exciting new concepts not yet explored in pop culture. He graduated as valedictorian, summa cum laude, from Ohio State University College of Pharmacy with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, and traveled the globe for two decades in executive positions with well-known global technology companies.

Privacy Lost will be available for purchase October 12th!

To learn more about Edward M. Plut, visit his website.

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