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Develop Your Book Characters with our Character Development Worksheet

Character Development Worksheet

Create Complex, Well-Rounded Characters with our Character Development Worksheet

The characters you’ve created are complex creatures. Their lives, their relationships, their actions have led them to your story. They are your story.

Developing your character isn’t always going to be easy, especially if you’re a first time author. Putting yourself in the shoes of a person who exists in words bound to a page can be a complicated task. But doing so, and doing so thoroughly, is a critical part of your work. Whether beloved, envied, or detested, creating a character with enough substance to evoke emotion from your reader should always be the goal.

If you find yourself at a roadblock, unsure of your character’s reaction, direction, or emotions in your coming chapters, use our character development worksheet to help you through the writing process. You may find that working through some of these character development hurdles with the assistance of random writing prompts can spark creativity in unassuming places.

Remember, a character with well-rounded depth likely means a well-connected reader.

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