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Gift Ideas for the Writers and Readers in Your Life

Do you have that friend or family member that feels impossible to shop for? In particular, the creative type whose collection of books and whose style is so unique and carefully curated that they make the holiday season more nerve wracking than enjoyable? I bet you know the type… Let’s face it, while they could probably gift you a personalized short story, or the perfectly selected graphic novel you never knew you needed…we are not all blessed with the talent of handmade and personalized gifting. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of unique, thoughtful, and quirky gift ideas for those writers and readers in your life.

A Book Subscription

While this gift seems a little more obvious, think about all the things your loved ones would want but would never buy for themselves. Subscription services are a luxury, not a necessity – plus, you know they spend half their paychecks on books anyways! Book Riot hand selected all the best book subscriptions out there – so all you have to do is pick!

socks - gift ideas

Literary Socks

Shout out to the White Elephant gift exchange your office is organizing, only you never talk to the coworker who you’ve drawn. Lucky for you, you’ve noticed their backpack is always carrying a new book for their commute. Thoughtful and funny, gifting a pair of literary socks for the bibliophile in the office will make their commute cozy, and make your gift giving skills shine.

coffee mug - gift ideas

A Heavy Duty Coffee Mug

If you know a writer, then you know the long nights and the endless cups of caffeine that keep their creativity flowing and their deadlines met. You also know that nothing is worse than having to get up from your computer in the middle of a creative brain dump to… reheat your coffee. Give the gift of warmth with a Yeti coffee mug that stands up to those late night writing sessions.

noise canceling headphones - gift ideas

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Writers need these. Readers need these. Anyone who needs a moment of silence in their hectic life could use a pair of these. Ok, so maybe get one as a gift, and buy a pair for yourself (no judgement).

journal - gift ideas

A Journal

Before you roll your eyes and think “how original,” let us say that anything Rifle Paper Co. touches is so beautiful and stylish that your friend who feels particularly inspired to write as they travel the world will cling to this journal (and probably Instagram it).

neck wrap - gift ideas

A Heated Neck Wrap

You know what is better than curling up with a good book? Curling up with a good book while simultaneously receiving a spa treatment. Ok, so it isn’t a day at the spa, but it is the gift that keeps on giving. The fact that all you need is a set of shoulders and a microwave for over 30 minutes for a heated aromatherapy treatment is pretty impressive.

wireless keyboard - gift idea

Wireless Keyboard

We aren’t saying writing while laying down is productive, but we are not saying that writers who work tirelessly to finish their novel shouldn’t have it as an option. Writing a book is a marathon, not a sprint, and the author’s in your life deserve the comfort and mobility that come with wireless freedom.

floating shelves - gift ideas

Floating Shelves

This is one way to really put your books on display. And those who eat, sleep, and breathe good literature can do just that with these floating shelves. Think of this gift as part artistic expression, part magic trick.

bath caddy - gift idea

Bathtub Caddy

It’s true that books and water don’t get along, but it is also true that reading in the tub is one of life’s greatest pleasures. An over the tub bath caddy can save your books (and hold a glass of wine), offering the perfect evening in.

chunky knit blanket - gift ideas

Super Chunky Knit Blanket

A good sleep makes for a sharp mind, and a cozy blanket makes for a good sleep. Fair warning however – this gift may cause decreased productivity due to an increase of naps. But hey, those busy writers and those avid readers deserve to nap in luxury.

art print - gift ideas

Art Prints

Gifting a book to an avid reader is like cooking for a professional chef. Instead, try an equally artistic book-themed gift, like a piece of art. Etsy is a goldmine for one-of-a-kind prints depicting quotes, book covers, famous characters, and more. The beauty of this gift is the endless options with the ability to customize it for someone special.

Giving a gift is a sign of affection and an act of celebration – so let it be just that! The team at BookBoro would like to wish all of our writers, readers, and friends a warm and happy holiday season! And don’t forget to show us the gift ideas you picked out – find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and tag us to show off your impressive gift giving skills!

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