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Holiday Gift Guide for Readers & Writers

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If you’re looking to find a more unique present for the readers and writers on your holiday shopping list this year, these creative literary gifts have you covered!

For the Lounger

Have a couch-loving writer in your life or know someone who loves reading in bed? A laptop desk gives new meaning to the definition of working from home. This little bamboo version can prop up a book and hold a laptop or tablet.  



For the Grammar Nerd

They know the difference between their, there, and they’re and they want everyone else to know it, too. Your and you’re? They’ve got that covered, too! These fun pencils play double duty: a writer can hoard them all or share them with those they find grammatically incorrect.

For the Binge Reader

For people who love reading after dark, a fun book light lets them indulge in their latest literary adventure without disturbing anyone. The Ecologic Mart Light for Book Lovers comes in three colors, has a portable clip-on LED lamp, and is a great gift for night owls. 


For the Tea Lover

Writers and readers are notorious tea drinkers. English Breakfast Novel Teas come packaged with 25 tea bags, each tagged with a literary quote. They’re the perfect complement to any literary journey!

For the Cool Writer

For writers who are always cold in their home office but want to keep typing away, these practical and fashionable, Storiarts fingerless writing gloves feature excerpts from great literature like Pride and Prejudice, Hamlet, Les Misérables, and even the Declaration of Independence. Best of all, proceeds from every purchase help children worldwide learn to read and write.

For the Kindle Reader

The Kindle lover in your life will love these DecalGirl Kindle Skins that protect and personalize their device. The full-color skins can be easily removed and swapped out for another that fits the season or mood. There are dozens of collections including “For Him” and “For Her,” and you can even customize a skin with a favorite photo or artwork.

For the Book Clubber

Have a friend or co-worker who can’t stop talking about their book club? Are you a member of a book club yourself? These Library Checkout Card Bookmarks are a fun way to keep track of every book that’s read during the year. Since they’re laminated, be sure to pair with a wet (not dry) erase pen. 

For the Chocolate Lover

Know a writer or reader with a sweet tooth? Honestly, who doesn’t? Surprise them with this edible library of miniature chocolate books made with Belgian chocolate. Completely handmade, they even feature tiny titles on the spines.

For the TV Adaptation Lover

You probably have at least one friend or family member who loves binging on TV adaptations of books. One of these literary-themed fleece blankets is perfect for cozying up in front of the big screen. Care for a Poe Throw, anyone?

For the Blocked Writer

Every writer goes through it, but some gifts can help them get unblocked and have fun while doing it. Try the Writer Emergency Pack asks 26 questions that kickstart imagination and creativity. 

We hope these ideas make finding a gift for the bookworms and writers in your life an easy task. Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season from your friends at BookBoro.

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