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Able Muse Press


publishes new and established authors. Holds many competitions. It is pretty barren, and leads to another page at some point for just ablemuse. Has online and pdf catalog plus a list of authors and contests. They accept a wide range of forms(added some to C)

Academy Chicago Publishers

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independent publishing company. founded in 1973. Now a dynamic midsize publisher with more than 900 titles in print. publish about 50 new titles yearly under six imprints: Chicago Review Press, Lawrence Hill Books, Amberjack Publishing, Academy Chicago Publishers, Council Oak Books and Parenting Press. All titles distributed to book trade by independent publishers. Parts of the page are under construction.Chicago Review Press publishes general nonfiction on a wide range of subjects including music, film, popular science, history, biography, and travel, children’s nonfiction. Lawrence Hill Books publishes nonfiction on topics of African American interest, progressive politics, and feminism. Academy Chicago publishes exciting and well-crafted nonfiction. Parenting Press creates practical material that builds “people” skills, specifically the best “how-to” information available for child guidance, problem solving, emotional competence, and kids’ personal safety issues. Amberjack Publishing is committed to sharing award-winning fiction that dares to move readers.

Acre Books

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Acre Books, the small press offshoot of The Cincinnati Review, aims to build on the excellence of its parent publication, fiction and poetry by new & established writers in the US and beyond. Interesed in new authors and hybrid forms. 6 titles annually. Wishes to expand lists & staff. Nicola Mason Editor.



Mission statement summary: Action Books is transnational, interlingual, Futurist, No Future, feminist, political, for noisies, believes in historical avant-gardes & unknowable dys-contemporary discontinuous occultly continuous anachronistic avant-gardes.
“Art, Genre, Voice, Prophecy, Theatricality, Materials, the Bodies, Foreign Tongues, and Other Foreign Objects and Substances, if taken internally, may break apart societal forms.” belives in breaking forms. SPD is their distributor. Johannes Göransson and Joyelle McSweeney are the editors. Based out of Notre Dame and University of Notre Dame.

Adelaide Books

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ADELAIDE BOOKS LLC is a New York based independent company dedicated to publishing literary fiction & creative nonfiction. Founded in July 2017 as an imprint of Adelaide Literary Magazine, with the aim to facilitate publishing of novels, memoirs, and collections of short stories, poems, and essays by contributing authors of our magazine and other qualified writers. this fulfills the mission outlined in Adelaide Magazine – “to promote writers we publish, helping both new and emerging, and established authors reaching a wider literary audience.” paperback and ebook format. Members of Independent Book Publishers Association. Distrubutors are through Amazon and Barnes & Nobel. Based out of Lisbon Portugal. hardcover format available. limited offer of translating work to Portuguese or Spanish & will sell in Portugal. two “unique” publishing contract options. Members of Independent Book Publishers Associations. Participating this year in BookExpo in NYC, Lisbon Book Fair, Frankfurt Book Fair, London Book Fair, Bologna Children’s Book Fair(international fairs except in NYC.

Africa World Press

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It is Africa World Press, inc. & Red Sea Press, inc. Open since 1983 Based out of NJ. mission is to “provide high quality literature on the history, culture, politics of Africa and the African Diaspora.” “books enlighten, educate and engage.” Igbo Studies & Middle Eastern Studies section. Incredible resource for writing about impacts of colonialism, imperialism, & neoliberalism in African/Arabic Nations. Asks to come back and check site regularly as they add new features. Other sections of site include writing about Business, Eworld, Frontline, Mypheduh Films, Science/Technology, Yoruba Studies, A&B Publishers, Agriculture, Art&Art Studies, Biography/Autobiography, Biosciences, Black Classics Press, Books on Eritrea, Children’s Books, Cultural Studies, Current Affairs, Developmental Studies, Drama, Economics, Education, Emerging perspectives, Fiction, Harriet Tubman Series, Health/Nutrition, History, Holiday Book Recommendations, Horn of Africa Titles, Imprint Editions, Karanak House, Language/Linguistics, Literature/Literary Criticism, Lushena Books, Media Studies, Mind Productions, Nia Communications/Press, Philosophy, Poetry, Politics/Political Science, Psychology/Health, Religion/Theology, Sociology/Anthropology. Third World Press, Women’s Studies

Agape Editions


books engage with some aspect(s) of the mystical, the ecstatic, or the Numinous. publish books print & digital formats. Consider themselves a literary & spiritual community. work in catalogue forms a mosaic of pilgrimage towards spiritual Truth(s). representative of mystical, ecstatic, and/or Numinous experience across various races, ethnicities, social classes, socioeconomic and educational backgrounds, genders, sexualities, physical bodies, abilities, and perspectives. Sacred literature serve as conduit(s) for the survival of cultural customs, values, and beliefs— a strong sense of both personal and shared identity. only have five books for sale though. Potential scribe category?

Airlie Press


Not for Profit Collective(NPC) We are a nonprofit publishing collective dedicated to cultivating and sustaining fine contemporary poetry. We produce beautiful and compelling books by Pacific Northwest poets; our mission is to offer writers in the region a shared-work publishing alternative. produces one or two full-length volumes a year. All funds earned through book sales, subscription orders, & contributions returned to Airlie Press for making new books of poetry. Our process involves the blind submission of a full-length manuscript of poetry during an annual open submission period, and an interview for our finalists with current press members. Of the submissions we receive, we evaluate manuscripts thoroughly and select the promising work by authors willing to collaborate with our consensus-based group. As a press, we commit to participate in the ongoing conversation and practice regarding inclusion and equity. To this end, we encourage submissions from underrepresented voices and poets from marginalized communities. blind submission full-length manuscript of poetry, annual open submission period, & an interview for finalists members. Of submissions received, evaluate manuscripts & select the work by authors to collaborate, consensus-based group. non-hierarchical/hoizontal production. Supported by individual book sales, contributions to the press, &donation of time by all the poet-editors of the press. Distributor SPD. invitation for new members. Each member’s book is published in the second year of his or her term. Authors have the final say about the content and presentation of their books. All profits from the sale of books are returned to the collective. Then states accolades and reviews of press, etc.

AK Press


Anarchist press. Political: Radical Left. Goal: publish radical books or distribute books of similar content from independent presses. Pro Anti-fascist material. Has books about far right & fascism for historical/educational/critical theory; however, responsibly chosen material & doesn’t endorse fascism/white supremacy(No dog whistles). Subjects include how capitalism affects minorities, gender-inequality, political science. Sells Fiction and Science-Fiction by famous authors of the genre or themes of anarchism. but is onlu interested in nonfiction currently(Upton Sinclair, Octavia Butler). Friends of AK Press- group you subscribe to & rmembers receive one book monthly. Packages include e-book, print book, & both. Distribution: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Midwest Library Service, college bookstores for text orders, all independent bookstores, record stores, specialty retail customers, and international. Sells short stories on pamplhlets, runs Periodicals/Magazines print & e-form. Submissions for a manuscript open, must be nonfiction & anarchist/through an anarchist lens. Under about they define anarchy and explain why they are anarchists. Their structure is horizontalism. Proud to call themselves propaghandists and aims to provoke. Have shows lined up frequently for a book release at great bookstores.

Akashic Books


Brooklyn-based independent company. Publishes urban literary fiction and political nonfiction by authors who are either ignored by the mainstream, or who have no interest in working within the ever-consolidating ranks of the major corporate publishers. Currently featuring Black Interest. Has a wide range of topics that have been written about, very eclectic they just have a theme currently for submissions. Many authors have written for them. They appear to just sell books though regardless of press. They have events, have many genres, stories by authors, ebooks, etc. Have various distributors depending upon location. International company & International distributors. US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Carribean, Asia.