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Winter Goose Publishing

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Winter Goose Publishing, LLC is a press founded in 2011. We are a royalty-paying trade publisher that has focused on books we feel are strong in a unique style, subject matter, and written with heart. Our first thought is never “will this be popular” or “will it sell.” If we like the manuscript and it’s well crafted, we feel honored to tell that story. All the other pieces fall into place, and we always feel good knowing we are putting passionate, quality work into the world.

Winter Goose came from a need in a changing industry, and the desire to have a place where authors could feel as though they are a part of the entire process. As we grow, we work diligently to keep the small-press feel and to always provide a hands-on support system. Our authors are our family.

Why Winter Goose? The name simply comes from what our founder’s father has called her since she was a baby, and still to this day: Goose.

Wisdom Publications

Welcome! Wisdom Publications is the leading publisher of books, podcasts, and online courses on contemporary and classic Buddhism, mindfulness, and meditation. We’re also now the premiere membership platform for Buddhists, having launched the Wisdom Experience in 2019 and now providing hundreds of hours of video, and thousands of pages of books, for members to read online.

Wisdom is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to cultivating writers and teachers the world over, advancing critical scholarship, preserving and sharing the literary culture of various contemplative traditions, and helping people find and engage with the teachers, teachings, and practices for a wise and compassionate life.

Wolsak & Wynn Publishers


Wolsak and Wynn
Wolsak and Wynn was created in 1982 by two dedicated poets, Heather Cadsby and Marja Jacobs, who felt that important poetry was being neglected by the publishers of the day. Within six years the press had gone from its first anthology of poems to its first Governor General’s Literary Award for Poetry. Today this is the umbrella imprint for the press, and it is still the place to find important work that has been overlooked by larger publishers, whether it’s cultural analysis, memoir or translation.

Women’s Press


Canadian Scholars has more than 30 years of experience providing instructors and students in higher education with books, supplementary materials, and custom coursebooks of outstanding quality and value. Our expert staff can help you discover and develop great course materials, whether it is finding the perfect book, creating a custom textbook from existing materials, or writing your own textbook. Canadian Scholars is here to help.
Canadian Scholars Books provides a unique and independent voice for a wide range of academic and political perspectives that may not be heard within a large multinational or university press. We create books that make a genuine and lasting contribution to the evolution of a wide variety of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. A rigorous peer review process is fundamental to our editorial policy and is one of the key factors in the prestige associated with our company’s name.
Women’s Press, founded in 1972, has played an integral role in the proliferation of feminist writing in Canada. Our press is committed to conserving a space in higher education devoted to gender, sexuality, and women’s studies. We pride ourselves on the quality of our authors and our contributions to the field of feminist scholarship…




Woodhall Press

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Woodhall Press
An independent publisher of independent authors. submissions
Woodhall Press is committed to publishing diverse voices and welcomes submissions from female and under-represented writers.



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About WordFarm
WordFarm is an independent literary press.

WordFarm began in 2002 with a group of Chicago-area writers, editors and designers who had among them more than fifty years of publishing experience. We later spread out from Chicago and now have staff members in New Hampshire, Michigan and Washington. Though we all have “day jobs,” WordFarm is our labor of love. Our business is self-funded, and we work on 2 or 3 projects each year. Our mission is to discover and promote outstanding literary works by both new and established writers. You can see this mix in our complete listing of books.

We publish collections of poetry, short fiction, essays, and single works of fiction or literary nonfiction. We take great care with developmental editing, copyediting and proofreading, design and typesetting, and manufacturing. We do relational, niche marketing and selling, making each book available through Small Press Distribution, from Amazon and from us directly (we offer competitive bookstore and educational discounts). We keep books in print and available for the “long haul.” And we offer digital editions through Amazon’s Kindle program.

WordTech Communications


WordTech Communications LLC is one of the nation’s largest poetry publishers, bringing out approximately 50 titles per year. Our six imprints focus on lyric, narrative, formal, social, and experimental poetry.We strive to publish a wide variety of poetry that is diverse in style, subject and technique but is unified in its excellence.

We are unique among contemporary poetry publishers for the emphasis we place on bringing poetry to a buying audience–in short, for the emphasis we place on selling books. We do not charge reading fees, nor do we accept outside funding. We are focused solely on publishing and selling excellent poetry.

This focus also means that we are not the publisher for every poet. The poets we publish must be active partners in the marketing and promotion of their books, especially by doing readings and similar events. If you are uncomfortable with the public presentation and promotion of your work, you may be better off with another publisher.

World Editions

World Editions promotes voices from around the globe by publishing books from many different countries and languages into English translation. Through our work, we aim to enhance dialogue between cultures, foster new connections, and open doors which may otherwise have remained closed.

World Editions was founded in 2013 by Eric Visser, publisher of Dutch literary house De Geus―home to many Nobel Prize-winning authors. Since 2016, World Editions has been part of the independent Libella Group, a European publisher with bases in Switzerland, France, and Poland, led by the renowned Vera Michalski. Judith Uyterlinde, Publishing Director of World Editions since 2017, is passionate about literature and languages, and dedicated to bringing attention to outstanding writers from around the world. Today World Editions has offices in New York, London, and Amsterdam, after successfully launching in the US in March 2018…World Editions publishes long-established authors, such as recent winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize, Maryse Condé, and the internationally acclaimed Paolo Maurensig, alongside promising debut novelists, such as rising stars Adeline Dieudonné and Pierre Jarawan.

Write Bloody Publishing


We publish and promote great books of poetry every year. We are a small press with a snappy look, dedicated to quality literature that is proud to be printed in the USA. We are not a printer; we are a sweet publishing house located in Los Angeles. Since 2004 we have launched 135 titles and 85 ebooks.

We are grass roots, DIY, boot strap believers who believe that great poetry changes people for the better. We believe authors should make a living and a way to do that is to create broad fan bases built from heavy touring and great looking books. Our authors are captivating at live readings and are incredible on the page to read. Our employees are authors and artists so we call ourselves a family.

We publish some of the top selling, living poets in the United States.