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Submitting Your Story

After logging into your account, you can either select the gray plus sign in the top right corner of your dashboard, or click the plus sign in the My Projects section of your dashboard to create a new Project. You will be asked to enter the title and genre of your work. You will then be directed to the Project page.

On the Project page, you can add more detail to your Project, such as a description, subgenre, cover art and more!

The next step is to upload your content. To do so, you’ll need to add a Section (or chapter).  Click the blue plus sign in the Section box at the bottom of your Project page. Enter a title for your section (such as “Chapter One” or “The Beginning”). Upload your file as a .docx or ePub file. BookBoro will automatically convert Word Document files into ePub format for you! 

With your Section uploaded, you’re ready to start a Read Test and get feedback on your work!

Your work is your own, and will remain that way on the BookBoro platform. You retain all rights to your work.

We’ve put plenty of safeguards in place to protect your work. Your work will be uploaded as an ePub (an eReader-friendly format) document which prohibits copy & paste to deter plagiarism.

Nothing prevents you from uploading your entire manuscript at once but we strongly recommend uploading each 1-2 chapters of your work separately as their own Section as this will enable you to get quicker feedback from Readers on a Section by Section basis. A good rule of thumb is to try to limit your sections to less than 30 pages.

Easy. While on your Project page, just click the blue plus sign by Sections. 

To upload your work, visit the Project page and add a Section. Your work will need to be an ePub file type — but don’t worry, BookBoro will now automatically convert .docx or Word Document files into ePub format for you.

If you have another file format to convert to ePub, you can use websites like this.

When you first create your Project, you will be able to select Horror, Mystery/Crime, Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy or Thriller/Suspense. Pick the one that best suits your story — don’t worry if it’s not 100% perfect. You will be able to pick a more specific sub-genre once you’ve created the Project.

Customizing Your Project

On the Project page, hover over the cover art and click the pencil icon in the lower right corner to upload your cover art. The ideal dimensions for your cover art are 266×343 pixels.

Use the ‘Edit Project’ button to add:

  • Subtitle
  • Description
  • Sub-Genre
  • Target Audience
  • Draft Stage
  • Status of Book

Performing Read Tests

First, make sure you’ve created a Project and uploaded your work as a Section. Then, select the blue Add Read Test button on the Project page. Enter the Title, an Author’s Note, Level of Polish, and select the Section(s) you want to test.

You will also be able to select whether you want to make your Section available to read once the Read Test has ended. While you won’t be able to receive feedback on your Section after the Read Test has ended, you can still thrill Readers with your content!

Lastly, select a Start and End Date for your Read Test!

Visit your Project page. Click on the blue link to the Read Test you’d like to analyze to visit the results page.

In addition to free-form comments from your Readers, BookBoro will collect data on how Readers engage with your Read Test. You’ll see data such as:

  • Number of Interested, Active and Engaged Readers
  • Average Read Progress
  • Average Star Rating of Section
  • Readers’ Answers to Survey Questions
  • And more!

To learn about data you’ll receive as a result of a Read Test, visit this page.

You can not edit a Read Test while it is active.

We recommend sharing your story with family and friends to get more Readers, and more feedback! You can also share your story in Facebook Groups (including our BookBoro Neighborhood group), Reddit Groups and more.

Visit this page for tips on how to get even more Readers.

Guidelines for Writers

To submit a story, you will need to first create or sign into a BookBoro account. Then, you’ll need to create a new Project and enter in a Title and Genre. At that point, you’re ready to add Sections to your Project and perform Read Tests!

There is no word count minimum or maximum for your Section. However, we recommend only uploading only 1-2 chapters as a Section to ensure you get the best possible feedback and Reader analytics. A good rule of thumb is to limit your sections to less than 30 pages.

While you can submit a book in any language, the BookBoro user base primarily speaks English.

If your story has multiple authors, we recommend creating a joint account, with a unique username, for you and your team to share!

Yes, you can submit your entire work but we recommend you upload your work Section by Section, to ensure you get the best possible feedback and results!

Once you log in to your account, simply click “Browse” in the navigation bar at the top of the page, and you will be guided to all of the available books categorized by genre.

You will automatically be prompted to complete a short survey and leave a comment to the Writer when you have reached the end of a Read Test.

Unfortunately, no. In order to protect the work of our authors, we do not support download capabilities.

You are not required to leave feedback but to get the most out of BookBoro we encourage you to provide as much feedback to our authors as possible! This is your chance to help an aspiring author improve their final work and they appreciate your feedback tremendously. It’s why they place their books on the site.

This is a feature in your settings. Just log in to your account, click “account” in the drop down menu under your username, and make sure the box is unchecked for “Sharing name and contact info with authors.”

Not yet, but in future versions of BookBoro it is our goal to provide direct contact between authors and readers if both so desire.  This will be through the development of chat rooms, focus groups, and direct email connection.

Don’t. Panic. Send us a message here and we will be able to help you out with any questions.

We are always open to partnerships, guest blogging opportunities, and more! Just shoot us a message here.

BookBoro’s mission is to connect Writers and Readers and Publishers. Readers find new, exciting things to read, and provide helpful critiques to the Writers. BookBoro also provides Reader engagement analytics to the Writer, which are useful in the editing process. Our community shares the goal of helping Writers incrementally improve their work, until it’s publication-ready! Ultimately, it is our goal to improve the overall authorship and publishing process – making it faster, better, and more transparent.

At this time, BookBoro exists to help Writers hone their craft and prepare their work for publishing. Our future goal is to include niche publishers in our community, to connect them with Writers. The BookBoro platform collects Reader engagement data that will help these publishers make smart selections for publishing.

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