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Publishers know that while literature is an art, there’s some science and data to successful publishing. When writers and readers interact on BookBoro, valuable data is generated regarding engagement, interest, readability, and more for manuscripts, and publishers.

Decide What To Publish

Bookboro is a new platform to assist the publisher in gauging the readability and marketability of thousands of manuscripts by providing publishers access to our data. Deciding what to publish is easier with our publisher’s portal where manuscripts of interest can be tracked, sorted, and ordered. Dig in to individual reader feedback or sort with our scoring system to find manuscripts across any genre.

Monitoring and anticipating publishing market trends is important. When a new model of analysis is developed and introduced, one specifically designed for writers and readers, publishers are provided an exceptionally powerful decision-making tool.

Insights to Market with Confidence

Having insights from readers makes editing and marketing manuscripts easier. Bookboro shows which sections readers focused on and which parts they skipped. Our user analysis focuses on keywords, and many other important readability points through our crowd sourced questionnaires and manuscript monitoring so publishers can publish books with confidence backed by science.

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ATM Publishing, a subsidiary of the online Arts & Culture magazine Across The Margin, is a place where storytelling knows no boundaries. By taking advantage of the variety of means and countless avenues Across The Margin shares tales flush with inspiration and insight, ATM Publishing periodically releases books, anthologies, poetry chapbooks and much more, from authors we spiritedly vet.
Finishing Line Press:
An award-winning small press publisher based in Georgetown, Kentucky, USA. Home of the New Women's Voices Since 1998.
Greenleaf Book Group:
Greenleaf Book Group is an independent publisher and distributor dedicated to empowering authors. We can partner with you on every aspect of developing and promoting your big idea, from expert branding to book creation, promotion, and retail distribution. We have the capabilities to take your book idea through full project development and production all the way to bookstore shelves. Our award-winning team works with you to create an exceptional book and design a custom-built strategy to ensure its success in the retail market.
Mastodon is dedicated to making thoughts real, whether that means bringing a unique and important story to readers, or encouraging them to fight against injustices, conspiracies, or abuses of power. We publish a full spectrum of literary, commercial upmarket, cultural, craft, and many different viewpoints. We want to continue to bring a diverse catalog to life, through print and digital, from short books to large books.
A premier hybrid book publisher since 1988, we are passionate about bringing works of merit to the market. Authors benefit from our history of publishing and our relationships with global distributors, re-sellers, wholesalers, and retailers.
Publishing Genius :
A small press that puts out only a few books of poetry and experimental fiction each year. Founded in 2006, our books have been optioned for film, translated, anthologized, and featured in publications ranging from Poets and Writers to Publishers Weekly to Rolling Stone.
Good Book Developers:
A publishing consultancy focused on helping authors and independent publishers bring their books into the world. We focus on the nuts and bolts of publishing—from goal setting to book coaching, editing, design, and print management—so that our clients never have to wonder where they are in the process.

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