How Bookboro Works

We are so glad to have you as a part of our growing community of readers, writers, book lovers, and all! Interested in how it all works? Well, the very first step is signing up to join the BookBoro community. Once a member, you can act as both a Writer by uploading your own work to be read, and a Reader to read work from other members

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For Readers

BookBoro is not only a place to share your work, but a creative space that allows room to grow! Post portions of your work in progress, giving readers an opportunity to answer customized questions and provide helpful feedback. Meanwhile, BookBoro collects other valuable information to assist in fine tuning your masterpiece.

Here's How It Works:

Find Projects to Read

Simply click "Browse" in the top navigation bar to start looking for a project that piques your interest. All work is organized by genre, so you can easily find something that suits your tastes.

Each project has a badge that lets you know what status the book is currently in:

  • New: This project has a brand new Read Test available for you to provide feedback.
  • Under Review: This project currently has an active Read Test and is accepting feedback.
  • Draft: The Read Tests for this project have ended, but no worries. You can still leave an open-ended comment to the Writer with your thoughts on the book.
  • Ending Soon: The Read Test for this project is ending soon...get your feedback in as soon as possible!
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You can click on a Project to view additional details about the work, including a synopsis, the author's name, subgenres and more.

Perform Read Tests

Want to help a Writer improve their work? Select books on the “Browse” page that have an ‘Under Review’ symbol in the bottom right corner. These are Projects that have an Active Read Test available, which means that BookBoro is collecting data on Reader behaviors to help the Writer improve. In addition, at the end of the Read Test, you’ll have the opportunity to complete a survey regarding your opinion on the book. From the “Project” page, hit “Begin Read Test,” read the Section, and fill out the questionnaire upon completion.

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Following Projects

If you are interested in following the progress of a piece of work you particularly enjoyed, be sure to click "Add to Bookshelf" on the Project page. Books on your Bookshelf are displayed on your home page. When a new Read Test is available for one of these books, a "New" flag will appear on the book cover.

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