How Bookboro Works

We are so glad to have you as a part of our growing community of readers, writers, book lovers, and all! Interested in how it all works? Well, the very first step is signing up to join the BookBoro community. Once a member, you can act as both a Writer by uploading your own work to be read, and a Reader to read work from other members

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For Writers

BookBoro is not only a place to share your work, but a creative space that allows room to grow! Post portions of your work in progress, giving readers an opportunity to answer customized questions and provide helpful feedback. Meanwhile, BookBoro collects other valuable information to assist in fine tuning your masterpiece. The end result is an improved manuscript to set you up for success no matter which publishing path you choose.

Here's How It Works:

Create a New Project

Your ‘Project’ is where you will be able to add details about your book including the title, genre, target audience, and a brief description. To create a new Project, click the plus sign in the upper right corner of the app. You can even upload cover art for your book. The Project page will also house all the chapters (or ‘Sections’) of your draft that you will upload, and the status of your Read Tests.

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Add a Section

Sections are where you will upload your chapters or parts of your book. Click the blue plus sign to add a section and upload your file. You can upload your work in either .docx or ePub format. The ePub file type allows us to protect your work from plagiarism, as well as collect Reader progress analytics. Don’t worry – BookBoro will automatically convert your Word Document files to ePub format for you!

There is no word count minimum or maximum for Sections. We recommend uploading 1-2 chapters as a Section to ensure you get the best possible feedback and analytics.

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Add a Read Test

Once you’ve uploaded a new Section, start a Read Test. What is a Read Test? Readers answer questions about your Section and provide meaningful feedback. Meanwhile, BookBoro analyzes other data for you, such as the number of Readers and the average rating.

Each Project can only have one active Read Test at a time, so that we can provide you with accurate data on your work in progress. You can include more than one chapter or Section in each Read Test.

You can choose whether or not you would like to make your Section(s) available to BookBoro Readers once your Read Test has ended. Even though Readers can’t provide feedback once a Read Test has been conducted, they can still be converted into a fan by simply just enjoying your work!

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Check the Results

Check in on your Read Test (both during the test and after it has ended) to see the data and feedback you've collected. Not only will you be able to read comments from Readers, you’ll also see insightful analytics such as average read progression, rating and more.

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