Get New Readers

You’ve posted your first chapter of your book in progress on BookBoro. You can’t wait to get feedback from Readers and learn how to improve your manuscript! The next thing you need to do? Get as many Readers to complete your Read Test as possible. Share a link to your Read Test on social media to get started. Friends and family are a great resource for feedback!

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are a great resource for connecting with other Writers and Readers. Join Facebook Groups to share a link to your latest Read Tests and gain new readers. There are many Groups that you may need to request to be a member, and wait for an admin to approve you. Also, be sure to check out each Group’s rules and etiquette requirements before posting. Keep in mind that only members of the Group can see your posts — your Facebook friends will not see anything you post in a Facebook Group. To start…join our BookBoro Neighborhood group by clicking the link below!

BookBoro Neighborhood: Connecting Writers & Readers

Other Facebook Groups to Check Out

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Fiction Writing

Do you have a favorite Facebook Group for Writers and Readers? Let us know and we will add it to the list!