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AK Press


Anarchist press. Political: Radical Left. Goal: publish radical books or distribute books of similar content from independent presses. Pro Anti-fascist material. Has books about far right & fascism for historical/educational/critical theory; however, responsibly chosen material & doesn’t endorse fascism/white supremacy(No dog whistles). Subjects include how capitalism affects minorities, gender-inequality, political science. Sells Fiction and Science-Fiction by famous authors of the genre or themes of anarchism. but is onlu interested in nonfiction currently(Upton Sinclair, Octavia Butler). Friends of AK Press- group you subscribe to & rmembers receive one book monthly. Packages include e-book, print book, & both. Distribution: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Midwest Library Service, college bookstores for text orders, all independent bookstores, record stores, specialty retail customers, and international. Sells short stories on pamplhlets, runs Periodicals/Magazines print & e-form. Submissions for a manuscript open, must be nonfiction & anarchist/through an anarchist lens. Under about they define anarchy and explain why they are anarchists. Their structure is horizontalism. Proud to call themselves propaghandists and aims to provoke. Have shows lined up frequently for a book release at great bookstores.

Akashic Books


Brooklyn-based independent company. Publishes urban literary fiction and political nonfiction by authors who are either ignored by the mainstream, or who have no interest in working within the ever-consolidating ranks of the major corporate publishers. Currently featuring Black Interest. Has a wide range of topics that have been written about, very eclectic they just have a theme currently for submissions. Many authors have written for them. They appear to just sell books though regardless of press. They have events, have many genres, stories by authors, ebooks, etc. Have various distributors depending upon location. International company & International distributors. US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Carribean, Asia.

Alexandria Quarterly


At Alexandria Quarterly we hope that each issue acts as a healing art, a question without an answer, a celebration of unanswered questions, and a good long thought shared among friends—all of whom believe that there is magic in our stories, our photographs, our paintings, our music

Alice James Books


Does not accept unsolicited manuscripts with the exception of the Alice James Book Award. Begins accepting submissions March 1st this year. Pubilshes a broad range of poetic styles and voices. founded in 1973, in Boston, Started as a feminist press, now seeks a range of voices of margianalized populations writing political content. wishes to create a platform for these voices in order to keep them represented in the literary world. Collaborative in partnership with authors which includes the book’s aesthetics. Believes in supporting writers throughout their careers. Allowed separation of editorial and business boards of press which made 1st Board of Directors in 2014. Reiles on interns, staff, volunteers, and Board members for productions. Offers internships for students counts as college credit. Located in Maine. Has social media presence.Executive Editor & Director Carey Salerno. Authors like Kaveh Akbar, Franny Choi, and Phillip B. Williams. Distributor: The Alice James Site and Amazon. Holds promotional events for authors.

Allium Press of Chicago


Founded in 2009 as small independent press. Various genres, but all have to be connected to Chicago in some way. Wants to show off the city and its history.Distributors of Print Books: Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Amazon, and Barnes&, etc..Ebook Distributors: Amazon, OverDrive, the iBookstore, Barnes&, and Kobo, etc.Emily Clark Victorson is the co-founder and publisher of Allium Press of Chicago. Holds promotional events for authors. This is stated on their contact page:”WE WILL NOT RESPOND TO INQUIRIES ABOUT JOBS, FREELANCE OPPORTUNITIES, OR INTERNSHIPS.NOT SEEKING A NEW PRINTER, WEBSITE DEVELOPER, SEO CONSULTANT, ETC.

Alternating Current Press

F  NF  P

website has warning that it is under construction. Publishes manuscripts in those genres, as well as single pieces in their literary magazine Footnote: A Journal of Literary History. What They Want:has an innate sense of self, timelessness, & atmosphere. They love science, history, homebound roots, rural landscapes, poetic literary fiction, diverse voices, & eclectic/hybrid pieces,creating chapbooks, paperbacks, zines, online resources, zine libraries, spoken word events, poetry readings, national book tours, and literature collections, as well as offering services in author and press promotions, such as blog tours, book tours, book trailers, audio recordings, merchandising, editing, critiquing, and book clubs. Lea Angstman is founder and editior in chief. available through agent contact. left site email.

Amberjack Publishing


Amberjack Publishing was founded in 2014 and was acquired by Chicago Review Press in 2019.Cherrita Lee, Managing Editor.Jana Good, Marketing and Publicity Manager.Amberjack Publishing is committed to sharing award-winning fiction that dares to move readers. Featuring the voices and stories of women who are bold enough to stand alone, who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo, who dare to be more, not less, Amberjack helps writers tell their stories and helps readers discover them. Recent adult titles include I Am Yours, a memoir by Reema Zaman, and A Light of Her Own historical fiction by Carrie Callaghan. A Dreadful Fairy Book by Jon Etter. Jackie Yeager created the Crimson Five series to inspire young STEM-interested minds. Has 46 authors. Not on SPD sells from site using squarespace. Publishes only women/feminist press.

American Literary Review


​Since 1990, American Literary Review has made it a point to publish excellent poetry, fiction, and nonfiction by writers at all stages in their careers. Recent contributors include Jericho Parms, Dan Beachy-Quick, Bethany Ball, Rebecca Foust, Edie Meidav, Kate Angus, Rochelle Hurt, Courtney Zoffness, sam sax, Felicia Zamora, ​Hadara Bar-Nadav, and others. The journal is edited and published biannually by students in the masters and doctoral program at the University of North Texas.

Amphorae Publishing Group


woman- and veteran-owned business.created in 2014 with the merger of Blank Slate Press, Walrus Publishing, and Treehouse Publishing Group. In 2018, Amphorae acquired Goldminds Publishing. Through these imprints, Amphorae has worked with authors across the United States to publish titles over a wide range of genres. Amphorae authors have been reviewed in Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, New York Journal of Books, Historical Novels Review, Foreword Reviews, Midwest Book Review… titles won awards including multiple Benjamin Franklin awards from the Independent Book Publishers Association, multiple IPPYs from Independent Publisher magazine, multiple Foreword Indie awards, a Willa Award for Editing, and a DaVinci Eye award for cover design. Kristina Makansi and Lisa Miller are the founders and current publishing partners at Amphorae. Agented submissions only. currently seeking: specifically seeking: Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, LGBTQ Fiction, and Mystery/Thrillers.

And Other Stories


contemporary writing & many translations. Thinks more of English pub industry should move out of London, Oxford & their environs. In 2017 And Other Stories moved main office to Sheffield.Northern Book Prize is for the writing of North England. Relies mainly on subscribers for financing. 1,400 active subscribers in over 40 countries, receive up to 6 books a year. Reading groups to pitch books to translate books to English. Community Interest Company (CIC). NPO company. Any profits are re-invested. eco friendly and uses “ethical bank.”supports fellow independent publishers & bookshops. organized forum for independent UK fiction presses to connect. charter member of Equality in Publishing (EQUIP)