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Anhinga Press


Poetry founded 2014. Rick Campbell Chapbook Prize. co-sponsor the Philip Levine Prize in Poetry run by California State University, Fresno, so they do not read the submissions but you can submit on their website. Robert-Dana Anhinga Prize is their annual manuscript contest. Also produced Reading Queer’s Anthology Poetry in a Time of Chaos, which many on the rise & established queer poets are in. Located in Tallahassee publish from all over.sponsors poetry events & educational activities, hosting & participating in writers festivals, working with area colleges, books available as textbooks for students, & networking w/ other arts orgs as a good citizen of the arts community. Run by Kristine Snodgrass, Jay Snodgrass, and Carol Lynne Knight.

Annick Press


independent children’s publisher based in Toronto, Canada. publishers of fiction and nonfiction for children and young adults. distributed in the United States by Publisher’s Group West, represented in Canada by Ampersand Inc. and University of Toronto Press, and licensed internationally. Annick also publishes e-book and audiobook editions of select titles. wants to reflect the world of a contemporary child. member of the Association of Canadian Publishers, The Canadian Children’s Book Centre, the American Booksellers Association, and a patron of Ibby Canada. supported by Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Government of Canada for publishing activities.

Anomalous Press

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website has a few coding errors. international journal of literature and the arts. committed to actively seeking out and promoting the work of marginalized and underrepresented artists, including especially people of color, women, queer, disabled, neurodivergent, and gender nonconforming artists. founded in 2010 in Boston, MA by Erica Mena, Shannon Walsh, Rachael Trousdale, David Johnston, Sarah Gilmore, and Matt Landry. original incarnation was Anomalous, a web journal, completely hand-coded, that published 17 issues between 2010 and 2015. In 2011 began publishing print chapbooks in hand-made letterpress-printed cover editions of 100. Since then, Anomalous Press has published 23 books (as of 2018) of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and literature in translation.In 2014, Anomalous Press founding editor Erica Mena joined Drunken Boat as the Managing Editor, and in 2015 was asked to step into the position of Editor and Executive Director. Erica, along with the entire board and editorial staff, resigned from Drunken Boat in 2016. Editorial staff. elected to continue working together by starting Anomaly. Site also features a blog.

Another New Calligraphy


Another New Calligraphy guides writers and musicians in the realization of their work via production of quality books and musics; the online journal Impossible Task showcases additional creative achievements.Our catalog strives to showcase diverse voices while honoring the stories they tell and the communities they represent. Another New Calligraphy is based in Chicago and was founded by Bill Ripley in 2009. He is a creator and elementary educator currently transitioning to the field of social work.Follow Another New Calligraphy at the outlets linked above to find previews of upcoming projects, items of interest, and further means of distraction. Do consider subscribing to our newsletter.


ANTIBOOKCLUB dedicated to the literary cutting edge. We have published the wild, the profane, the stunning, the essential since 2010.
Beautiful Gravity was named an ALA Stonewall Honor Book of 2017 and was a Lambda Literary Awards finalist (it was also rated one of the top book cover designs of the year by Electric Literature and The New York Times Book Review); The End of the World was adapted into the Academy Award-nominated film World of Tomorrow; and the surreal, subversive, once-banned “shock novel” The Diesel has an entry and essay in The Global Encyclopedia of LGBTQ Literature. Many of our titles have been taught in universities and high schools across the United States. small but dedicated crew who count world-renown authors and designers among our ranks. From our humble beginnings of censorship and harassment on the streets of Chicago to our present-day Brooklyn hideout, we have stayed true to our mission of shattering and shaping your literary sensibilities, one book at a time.

Simply put: ANTIBOOKCLUB is here to bring you something new to read.

Anvil Press

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Canada based, uses SPD in Berkely. in 1990, Anvil Press was nothing more than a dream. A small, second floor, one-room office for $350 a month, a couple of desks, two PC home computers (as they were called), a light table, waxer, coffee maker, sign for the door, and suddenly we were (sort of) legit. The plan was to produce a lit-mag (subTerrain) and a list of literary books (ambitious, yes, but we didn’t know any better!).
Flyers were made, calls went out, manuscripts slowly began rolling in. Much reading ensued, potential acquisitions were argued over and finally settled on. Sketches, photographs, and cover mock-ups began to appear on the wall over the art area; books were designed – it was all diy, right? We had no idea. A stroll down a blind alley. But we were young(ish), we had time on our side. It was all very organic – fuelled by pots of coffee, day-old baked goods, cigarettes, whisky. Sheafs of paper were handed around – handfuls of poems, stories, novels-in-progress, rants, unclassifiable prose. Ideas, critiques, feedback, revisions, edits, draft upon draft, and finally books being laid out, manuscripts typeset, galleys proofed, corrected, saved as postscript files, and soon, haltingly, nervously sent off on disk by courier to printers across the country where the files would be ripped, output, shot to film, burned to plates, and onto a press that would set the whole process in stone – well, ink and paper. goes on to talking more about how they were set up in a narrative perspective.

Apex Press


The Apex Press, established in 1990, is a publishing imprint of Rowman & Littlefield Publishers. It was formerly an imprint of CIPA (Council on International and Public Affairs). The Council itself was founded in l954 as a nonprofit human rights, education, research and publishing group. publishes books to build democracy with equality — without which there can be no real democracy. This perspective shapes our work as an independent small publishing house. Our publishing program has a special focus on economic and social justice and world cultures. POCLAD is a group of people instigating conversations and actions to contest the authority of corporations to define our culture, govern our nation and plunder the Earth. We work in the tradition of people’s struggles to replace illegitimate and tyrannical institutions with democratic ones that disperse rather than concentrate wealth and power. Jed Lyons―President & CEO; Robert Marsh―Chief Operating Officer ;Michael Lippenholz―Chief Financial Officer; Oliver Gadsby―President, Academic & Professional Division, Rowman & Littlefield President & CEO of Rowman & Littlefield International; Jason Brockwell―President, National Book Network
Stephen Driver―Vice President, Production
Sue Bumbaugh, Vice President, Warehouse Operations; Julie Kirsch―Senior Vice President & Publisher, Rowman & Littlefield, Lexington Books, & Hamilton Books
Paul Konowitch―President & CEO, Sundance Newbridge
Rob McCreadie―Vice President, Human Resources
Carla Quental―Vice President of Customer Service, RLPG
Jacqueline Hicks―Senior Executive Assistan

April Gloaming Publishing

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April Gloaming Publishing is a Nashville-based independent press that aims to capture and better understand the Southern soul, Southern writing, and the Southern holler. In the words of William Faulkner, to be Southern is to, “Tell about the South. What do they do there. How do they live there. Why do they live at all.” April Gloaming seeks to arrive at the conclusions to these questions through amplifying the voices of the unbridled holler.What is Southern writing?
Southern writing is pitted against the stigma that the twang resonating from our tongues insinuates our ignorance. It is bred from us clawing through the rubble of our past’s downfall to build a story. It is borne from the blood of all of our past’s sins, which are carried with us, day in and day out, and spit out onto our bourbon-stained notebooks in our search for our own personal revival. Has many Of these sections on the about What is Southern Writing?; What is Southern Art, etc.

Arbeiter Ring Publishing


Politics. Culture. Activism. ARP Books was founded in 1996 in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Our mandate is to publish a dynamic combination of cultural, fiction, and non-fiction titles with an emphasis on progressive political analysis of contemporary issues, while encouraging innovative new writing.We have published an eclectic and engaging list, from Any Given Power, a book of short stories by Giller Prize nominated author Alissa York, to a tragic tale of spin doctoring in the highly acclaimed graphic novel The Listener by David Lester, and our best-selling book on the politics of language, Grammar Matters, by Jila Ghomeshi.We have served as an amplifier for some of the most exciting writings on Indigenous issues, with books like Dancing on Our Turtle’s Back: Stories of Nishnaabeg Re-Creation, Resurgence, and a New Emergence and Islands of Decolonial Love by Leanne Simpson, Aboriginal Rights Are Not Human Rights and the Red Indians by Peter Kulchyski, and This is an Honour Song: Twenty Years Since the Blockades, a collection of writings exploring the impact of the 1990 resistance at Kanehsatà:ke. Most recently, we gather a multitude of voices together for The Winter We Danced, a wide-ranging and powerful collection of writing and imagery from the Idle No More movement. We explored moving pictures in Kino Delirium: The Films of Guy Maddin, the first book-length study of the renowned director, and They Came From Within: A History of Canadian Horror Cinema, the definitive (and perhaps only) book on that neglected and surprisingly important subject, both by Caelum Vatnsdal. We looked at pictures that are still, but are still moving, in Framing Identity: Social Practices of Photography in Canada by Susan Close, and examined Canada’s imperialist past and present in Todd Gordon’s Imperialist Canada. Goes into poetry etc…

Archipelago Books

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Archipelago Books is a not-for-profit press devoted to publishing excellent translations of classic and contemporary world literature. In our first fifteen years, we have brought out close to two hundred books from more than thirty-five languages.Artistic exchange between cultures is a crucial aspect of global understanding: literature can act as a catalyst to dissolve stereotypes and to reveal a common humanity between people of different nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds. It has never been more important for voices from around the world to be heard in this country. Sadly, less than three percent of new literature published in the United States originates outside the Anglosphere. By publishing diverse and innovative literary translations we are doing what we can to change this lamentable circumstance and to broaden the American literary landscape. Wants to show American readers what they may otherwise not encounter.