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Argos Books


In the Odyssey, the being who recognizes the returning hero Odysseus through his thick disguise comes in the unlikely form of his dog, Argos. Just as the Argos in Homer’s epic perceives an important truth before anyone else has sensed it, Argos Books aims to operate on the vanguard of multimodal poetry.We publish innovative poetry and interdisciplinary work that subverts established conventions of genre, form, function and audience.We are invested in the life-giving writing of women and of queer, trans and nonbinary authors.We are devoted to the work of writers of color creating across an array of languages and cultural modes. We are committed to writing that takes up issues of ability and disability.And we know that poetry can be a driving force for understanding and saving our imperiled planet.Realizing these commitments in the form of aesthetically beautiful, intellectually daring books is what we love most.Argos Books was founded in 2010 by Elizabeth Clark Wessel, Iris Cushing, & E.C. Belli. Our books are (usually) designed by Mårten Wessel. SPD distribution. Members of CLMP.

Arsenal Pulp Press


Past winner of the Jim Douglas Publisher of the Year Award, awarded by the Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia. Five-time finalist, Small Press Publisher of the Year, Canadian Booksellers Association (2004, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014). Arsenal Pulp Press is a book publisher in Vancouver, Canada with over 400 titles currently in print, which include literary fiction and nonfiction; books on social issues; gender studies; LGBTQ and diverse literature; graphic novels and non-fiction; cookbooks; alternative crafts; visual arts; and books in translation. We are interested in literature that engages and challenges readers, and which asks probing questions about the world around us.

Arte Publico Press

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From its beginnings on the artistic fringe during the Hispanic Civil Rights Movement to its current status as the oldest and most accomplished publisher of contemporary and recovered literature by US Hispanic authors, Arte Público Press and its imprint, Piñata Books, have become a showcase for Hispanic literary creativity, arts and culture. To address this need, Kanellos founded the Revista Chicana-Riqueña in Gary, Indiana, in 1972. This quarterly magazine for Latino literature, art and thought eventually evolved into The Americas Review, which won praise and recognition from The New York Times, Small Press Review and numerous other publications nationwide. It was the recipient of the 1986 and 1987 Citations of Achievement from the Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines. After 25 years of launching the careers of numerous Latino authors, The Americas Review published its final issue, Volume 25, Numbers 1-4, in 1999.In 2009, Arte Público Press received a grant from the Kellogg’s Foundation to launch the Latino Children’s Wellness Program—an outreach program whose mission is to expand access to important health and nutrition information through lively and engaging bilingual children’s books. The books are distributed to low-income children residing in urban and rural areas by partnering organizations.Publishing twenty five to thirty books each year, Arte Público Press is David to New York publishing industry Goliaths. However, because of its cultural sensitivity to its writers and the experiences they write about, along with a vision for the role of Hispanic literature in the United States, the Press has demonstrated that size (or lack of it) is not proportionately related to success in the commercial book market.

Arts & Letters


Arts & Letters is one of the premier national literary journals of the Southeast, which attracts young, fresh voices as well as well-established writers. For nearly twenty years, Arts & Letters has attracted both emerging and well established writers, publishing the likes of R.T. Smith, Denise Duhamel, Donald Hall, Bret Lott, Maxine Kumin, Sonja Livingston, Opal Moore, Bob Hicok, Xu Xi, Lia Purpura, Marianne Boruch, and David Kirby.



Founded by Dan Curley at the University of Illinois, Ascent is a collection of fiction, poetry and essays that provokes and entertains the head as well as the heart. Now housed at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, and edited by W. Scott Olsen, each issue features dramatic poetry, thoughtful essays, and fiction with a solid narrative. We publish as many first-time authors as well-known names. We promise good company to our authors, and work that matters to our readers. Now in our 37th year with a full history of honors, we have no rules except the belief that literature can transform the world, one reader at a time. We hope you’ll join us.

Ashland Creek Press


Ashland Creek Press is a vegan-owned boutique publisher dedicated to publishing books with a world view. We’re passionate about the environment, animal protection, ecology, and wildlife, and our goal is to publish books that combine these themes with compelling stories. Our books have received critical acclaim from Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Booklist, and Kirkus Reviews, among others, and have been recognized by national award juries, including the Chautauqua Institution and the Lambda Literary Foundation. You’ll find us listed in Poets & Writers, NewPages, Agent Query, and other networks. Click here to learn about submissions opportunities.

Ashland Poetry Press


The Ashland Poetry Press seeks to publish and promote the best poetry submitted from emerging and established authors writing in English, as well as translations of Spanish poetry into English. The Ashland Poetry Press was founded in 1969 by Richard Snyder and Robert McGovern. Since then it has published more than 100 volumes of poetry and books about poetry. We consider unsolicited, book-length manuscripts each year in our Snyder Prize competition. Ashland Poetry Press adheres to the CLMP code of ethics. Ashland Poetry Press seeks to enhance its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and welcomes submissions from authors with diverse perspectives and backgrounds, including poets in the LGBTQ community, writers of color, and those with disabilities.

Astrophil Press

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Astrophil Press was founded in 2008. We are dedicated to publishing innovative literary work. We publish work that is fertile in imagination and mind—literary art that many major presses and independent presses overlook. Astrophil is interested in writing that grows out of an understanding of its lineage and seeks to work out of that lineage by actively breaking boundaries.What we publish: Fiction: Astrophil Press publishes fiction that defies genre, but does not ignore it. It is work that is at once playful but striking. Poetry: Astrophil Press focuses on poetry that tells a story either through image or sound. Poetry that does not try to disrupt, but teaches its readers how to read and participate in its journey.Critical: Astrophil Press is interested in Literary Criticism that focuses on contemporary authors or authors who have been overlooked by popular trends of the past and present. Although there are three genres listed, we will not limit ourselves to genre. Astrophil Press is interested in dialogic work that defies boundaries and redefines writing.

Atelier26 Books


Atelier26 is an independent publisher in Portland, Oregon that exists to demonstrate the powers and possibilities of literature through beautifully designed and expressive books that get people listening, talking, and exchanging ideas. We believe that reading is far more than just another form of consumerism, that books are not static objects but living, thriving conveyances of human expression, thought, and emotion. We believe in literature as contemplation, conversation, and provocation. We believe books can foster community and cultural vitality. Finally, we believe in the reality of a literary public — writer, publisher, bookseller, librarian, teacher, reader — and we celebrate the dynamism and mystery of this public. Recognition
We’ve quickly become recognized for the excellence and idiosyncrasy of our titles, receiving honors from the PEN/Robert W. Bingham Prize (longlist), the PEN/Hemingway Award (finalist), the Balcones Fiction Prize (winner), and the Flann O’Brien Award (finalist) in addition to being lauded by many notable authors and cited on numerous Best of the Year lists. This year Graywolf Press Publisher Fiona McCrae selected Atelier26 Books for a 2019 Oregon Literary Fellowship. We are grateful to Literary Arts for funding this fellowship, and to the Oregon Community Foundation for past grant support.

Atlas Review Chapbooks

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The Atlas Review was founded in 2012 as a way to combat the institutional weight of the literary community. All submissions are vetted anonymously, allowing the work to stand above names, associates, and credentials. We believe that the strongest work will (and must) innately carry the most important elements of identity, elements that go beyond 75 word bios or accolades. Our work is who we are in the world.We want to carve a place of bold writing that isn’t pigeon-holed or written off as “experimental.” Whatever that means. It’s all an experiment, and we are in it. How you interpret your experience of all is what we’re after. Go ahead and scare us. We publish works in all genres, and are delighted by genre-bending in every way. We are committed to diversity—in representation, aesthetic, and theme. Has a chapbook series called TAR.