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Bancroft Press


The most interesting thing about Bancroft Press is that, as of 2014, the company has survived for twenty-three years without a niche. The more time spent in the industry, the more one understands how rare that is. So many publishers are focused on having a brand – that is, they only publish sci-fi, or they only publish romance. And if we’re talking small publishers, they rarely publish fiction at all. It’s useful to have a focus. You probably become more of a recognized name as a publisher that way. You develop a certain company loyalty. But – there are a lot of great books you don’t publish. Bancroft Press publishes titles we’re passionate about. That’s it. And we’ve stuck around for twenty years on this principle: Publish What You Love.

Banff Centre Press


Founded in 1933, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity is a learning organization built upon an extraordinary legacy of excellence in artistic and creative development. What started as a single course in drama has grown to become the global organization leading in arts, culture, and creativity across dozens of disciplines. From our home in the stunning Canadian Rocky Mountains, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity aims to inspire everyone who attends our campus – artists, leaders, and thinkers – to unleash their creative potential. Board of Governors of The Banff Centre (operating as Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity) is a corporation that operates under the Post-Secondary Learning Act in Alberta. Banff Centre is also a registered charity (registration # 11921 4955 RR0001), and under section 149 of the Income Tax Act in Canada is exempt from income tax. Banff Centre supported by funding from Government of Alberta through Alberta Enterprise and Advanced Education, Alberta Infrastructure, and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. Arts programs supported by funding from the Government of Canada through the Canada Council for the Arts, and the Department of Canadian Heritage through the Canada Arts Training Fund. The experience at Banff Centre is also enriched through generous support from individuals, corporations, and foundations.

Baobab Press

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Baobab Press believes in the importance of collaboration between author and publisher. We seek to establish long-term relationships with our authors, providing them with the support necessary to see their works of art–no matter how divergent in content, style, and form–reach their fullest potential and widest readership. Our goal is to help our authors grow books that resonate today and will continue to be vital in the years to come. Baobab Press shares the Levy Mansion with Sundance Books and Music, in Reno, Nevada. Our books are distributed by Publishers Group West.

Barrelhouse Books

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Dear Reader,
This whole thing began as a bad idea floated between friendly writers in the back room of a bar, and our hearts still lie in enjoying good literature and laughs with other people who choose to write hard, love their scenes, and who want to do their best, even if no one is quite sure about what’s going to happen next.
Barrelhouse is a non-profit literary organization consisting of pop culture obsessed oddballs who like to hang out in the corner. We started in 2004 as a literary magazine that sought to bridge the gap between high-brow literary tastes and the mid-brow appreciation of daily joys like good music, bad television and a decent hot dog. Barrelhouse is a fever dream populated by a passionate squad of volunteers who do a lot of things: we’re a print and online literary magazine, a small press bringing good books and chapbooks into the world, an organizer of cool literary events, and curators of this lovely website.Please be our weird internet friends…Love, the whole heckin’ team

Barrow Street


Barrow Street Inc. is a nonprofit literary arts organization that was started in Greenwich Village, NYC in 1994 to provide community outreach and host literary events featuring emerging and established poets. Since 1998, after nonprofit incorporation, we have published the prizewinning journal, Barrow Street. Each year we also publish a prizewinning poetry collection chosen by a distinguished contest judge. Select finalists are also eligible for publication and are reviewed by an all-volunteer board of editors, contributing editors, and outside reviewers. We publish up to four collections a year. Click here for submission guidelines.

Barrytown/Station Hill Press

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Station Hill Press publishes works of poetry, poetics, translation, and experimental prose. Founded in 1977, Station Hill is a project of the Institute for Publishing Arts, and our mission is to challenge and expand conceptions of human possibility. Located on the Hudson River in Barrytown, NY, we are open to the public by appointment.

BatCat Press

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It started out as a series of questions: what would happen if a group of high school students with an interest in literary arts were given the opportunity to run a small press? What kind of work would they want to publish? What kind of books would they be able to produce? Could they develop the skills and the agency necessary to make editorial decisions and work with adult authors? What would such an organization look like, and would it be sustainable? BatCat Press was officially founded in 2009, led by managing editor Deanna [Mulye] Baringer and a staff of six intrepid high school students. With the support of Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School, BatCat Press has grown up and established itself as an independent publisher specializing in handmade limited editions of new works by both first time and established authors.
Our continuous goal is to provide students the opportunity to work in a professional press environment while upholding high literary standards, publishing work that is both innovative and accessible. Most BatCat publications are discovered through our annual free reading period, which runs from June 1 to August 31. We accept and consider manuscripts in all genres and forms, and submissions are open to writers of all ages and experience levels.Since 2009, BatCat Press has published 14 awesome works of poetry and prose, produced countless broadsides and chapbooks, and sold hundreds of one-of-a-kind journals and artist’s books. We’ve happily received and read thousands of manuscripts from all over the world and from authors of all walks of life. But perhaps our proudest accomplishment yet is that we have seen more than 25 of our beloved staff members graduate and move on to outstanding colleges and careers

Bateau Press

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Bateau Press is a letterpress publisher of chapbooks & an annual magazine. We churn out the highest quality, well-designed, environmentally minded package of literature known to man. As of 2016, Bateau is housed within the human ecologically sound superstructure of College of the Atlantic. COA & Bateau Press: looking to change the world through hard work.We alternate between 2 chapbook contests annually: the Boom Poetry Chapbook Contest and the Keel Short Short Fiction Chapbook Contest. We read for the lit mag Jan-May and read nothing but the wind during the summer months of June, July, and August.Please check back here for updates. We are taking some time getting our back catalogue of issues back online and accessible to the public. Maybe it’s because we live on an island.Bateau Press uses only 100% post consumer waste recycled paper and soy inks for its publications. Our publications as well are Forest Stewardship Council certified.
We highly recommend sending us your submissions electronically.

Bauhan Publishing


In 1959, William L. Bauhan purchased Richard R. Smith Inc., a Rindge-based publishing company founded in New York City in the 1930s. Bauhan ran R.R. Smith, first under its original name, then as Noone House, named for the family home across from Peterborough’s Noone Falls, and finally, after the Bauhans moved to neighboring Dublin, as William L. Bauhan Inc.After Bauhan’s death in 2006, local writer and editor Ian Aldrich shepherded the company through a transitional phase. Bauhan’s daughter, Sarah Bauhan, who worked with her father for years as a book designer and ultimately managed the company, reincorporated as Bauhan Publishing LLC in 2009.The company continues to focus on New England regional books in the areas of history, art, nature studies, and poetry, as well as venturing into thoughtful books that explore sustainability of both the earth and the spirit, and a few fiction titles.

Baylor University Press


Baylor University Press is the academic book publishing arm of Baylor University. Established in 1897, Baylor University Press publishes forty new academic titles each year. The Press publishes technical scholarship for researchers, tools for teachers, and textbooks for students. All Press publications enjoy rigorous peer review and project development. The list focuses on scriptural, historical, and theological studies of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Press publications also investigate the relationship between religion and politics, sociology, anthropology, literature, philosophy, history, and culture. An active member of the Association of University Presses and the Association of American Publishers, Baylor University Press joins with academic presses worldwide in the belief that ideas matter, that publishing is more than disseminating information, and that books are sustained acts of wisdom.