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Verse Chorus Press


Verse Chorus Press is an independent publishing house founded in Portland, Oregon, in 1998 by Katherine Spielmann (†2016) and Steve Connell. It grew out of the music and arts magazine Puncture, which they edited from 1982 to 2000, and publishes books on music and pop culture, along with music-themed fiction. Since the birth of its Dark Passage imprint in 2012, VCP has also developed a strong line of crime fiction.

Verse Chorus and Dark Passage titles are distributed in North America by Publishers Group West/IPS, in Europe by Turnaround Publisher Services, and in Australia/NZ by New South Distribution.

Verso Books

About Verso
Verso Books is the largest independent, radical publishing house in the English-speaking world, publishing one hundred books a year.

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Brief History
“Anglo-America’s preeminent radical press.”—Harper’s

“The scale of the achievement of New Left Review and Verso,
which turns forty this year, is now clear.”—Nation

“A rigorously intelligent publisher.”—Sunday Times

New Left Books was launched by New Left Review in 1970, and took as its logo the Tatlin Tower—a planned monument to the Third International. Focusing initially on translating works of European political and social theory, economics and philosophy, the list during that decade included Theodor Adorno, Louis Althusser, Walter Benjamin, Lucio Colletti, Henri Lefebvre, Georg Lukács, Ernest Mandel, Herbert Marcuse, Jean-Paul Sartre and Max Weber, as well as major original works by Perry Anderson, Terry Eagleton, Tom Nairn and Raymond Williams. NLB’s list challenged established opinions both in the United States and the Soviet Union, and their respective satellites, as well as providing important critical analyses of China, India and South America. The publishing house was always intended to be far broader in its reach than NLR. An early bestseller was Against Method by Paul Feyeraband.

Verso—the left-hand page—was launched as a paperback imprint at the end of the seventies. Since becoming NLB’s sole imprint, Verso has published landmark books by Tariq Ali, Benedict Anderson, Robin Blackburn, Robert Brenner, Judith Butler, Noam Chomsky, Alexander Cockburn, Mike Davis, Isaac Deutscher, Paul Feyeraband, Norman Finkelstein, David Harvey, Eric Hobsbawm, Fredric Jameson, Edward Said, Rebecca Solnit, Ellen Meiksins Wood, Erik Olin Wright and Slavoj Žižek. New translations have included Jean Baudrillard, Régis Debray, André Gorz, Jürgen Habermas, Rigoberta Menchú, Roberto Schwarz and Paul Virilio.

Vine Leaves Press

Reading tastes a little different than the norm?
Here at Vine Leaves Press, we publish book-length vignette collections, writing reference books, short story collections, memoir/autobiography, and novels (all genres with a literary bent).​

Virtual Artists Collective Poetry


We have been publishing poetry since 2004, including collections that brought together poets from southwestern China with poets from the southwestern United States and Chicago, translation projects that resulted in bilingual collections by poets from Lithuania and China, co-publishing projects with the Association of Stories in Macao that resulted in bilingual collections of classical Chinese poetry, and collections by authors from around the world.
We are not currently accepting submissions. Check back for updates.
If you are seeking a publisher of a first or second book of poetry, please take a look at Black Spruce Press, a small press just announced by Jonas Zdanys, a long-time virtual artists collective member.
Our online journal, All Roads Will Lead You Home, launched in September 2014 and continued through September 2018. Check out all five issues of the journal here

Voice of Witness

Voice of Witness (VOW) advances human rights by amplifying the voices of people impacted by injustice.
Our work is driven by the transformative power of the story, and by a strong belief that an understanding of crucial issues is incomplete without deep listening and learning from people who have experienced injustice firsthand.
Through our oral history book series and education program, we amplify the voices of people impacted by injustice, teach ethics-driven storytelling, and partner with human rights advocates to:
build agency within marginalized communities,
raise awareness and foster thoughtful, empathy-based critical inquiry and understanding of the crises they face,
and inform long-term efforts to protect and advance human rights.
Voice of Witness was cofounded by author Dave Eggers, writer & educator Mimi Lok, and physician Lola Vollen. Eggers originated the VOW book series with Vollen in 2005. In 2008, Lok transitioned Voice of Witness to a 501(c)(3) organization and established its education program.
For over ten years, VOW has illuminated human rights crises in the U.S. and globally. Our oral history book series has amplified hundreds of seldom-heard voices, including those of wrongfully convicted Americans, undocumented immigrants, and people in Burma, Zimbabwe, and Colombia.
Our education program serves over 20,000 people annually. Our oral history pedagogy has been used to train a broad range of advocates for human rights and dignity, including educators, writers, journalists, attorneys, and medical doctors.

VOW’s strategic vision planning process took place over nine months and involved Voice of Witness staff, board, and our extended community of thought partners: educators, narrators (people impacted by injustice who share their oral histories with VOW), content experts, and funders. By the beginning of 2018, we had created a comprehensive strategic vision and implementation plan to chart our growth and goals for the next five years.

W.W. Norton & Co

F  P

Our Mission

Welcome. Whether you are a reader in search of enduring fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, a student or instructor seeking outstanding course books and digital materials, an enthusiast eager for food and lifestyle inspiration, or a professional looking for authoritative new works, you have come to the right place. Independent since 1923, employee-owned, and proud to publish “books that live,” Norton is here for you

Wake Forest University Press


About Us
Established in 1975 by Professor Dillon Johnston, with the support of Provost Edwin Wilson and the university administration, Wake Forest University Press is the premier publisher of Irish poetry in North America.Although small among university presses in the United States, we are the major publisher of Irish poetry in North America. Noted scholar Helen Vendler of Harvard University commented: “Through the Wake Forest University Press, Ireland comes to America.” We publish 4 to 6 titles a year, all from poets hailing from Ireland.

We frequently act as booking agent for our authors, and we arrange reading tours for them throughout North America. Should you be interested in a WFU Press poet visiting your institution or city, please contact us.

Wakefield Press

Wakefield Press is an independent American publisher devoted to the translation of overlooked gems and literary oddities in small, affordable, yet elegant paperback editions. Our publications include the Wakefield Handbooks series (the guidebook as imagined through literature), the Imagining Architecture series (architecture as imagined through literature), and the Imagining Science series (science as imagined through literature), as well as forays into classic experimental fiction (literature as imagined through literature). Authors range from literary giants to those underrepresented (or unknown) in English

Washington State University Press

We love our rural location and being so close to the stories we publish. The land grant school now known as Washington State University opened on a frigid winter morning in January 1892. Many students came from farms and were deeply grateful for the opportunity to receive any higher education. The institution grew and added a scholarly publishing division in the 1920s, primarily to distribute faculty research.

Harnessing a vision of revitalization and expansion in the late 1980s, the re-launched press began releasing titles centered on regional history. One of those, Renegade Tribe, was the first major work published on the Palouse Indians, and received the Washington State Book Award. Since then, Washington State University (WSU) Press has published over two hundred titles, and received numerous honors and awards.

Even though our books often focus on the past, we are excited about our future. We plan to continue publishing eight to ten books each year, and through a new series and partnerships, preserve and enrich the history surrounding the Hanford nuclear site.

Wave Books

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Wave Books is an independent poetry press based in Seattle, Washington, dedicated to publishing exceptional contemporary poetry, poetry in translation, and writing by poets. The press was founded in 2005, merging with established publisher Verse Press. By publishing strong, innovative work in finely crafted editions, we hope to continue to challenge the values and practices of readers and add to the collective sense of what’s possible in contemporary poetry.
Charlie Wright, Publisher
Joshua Beckman, Editor in Chief
Heidi Broadhead, Senior Editor
Matthew Zapruder, Editor at Large