Writer Data

BookBoro Data for Writers

First off, congratulations on submitting work to be read on BookBoro! We are thrilled to help you during your creative journey. Besides the valuable feedback that you receive directly from test-readers, our platform collects meaningful data to assist in perfecting your work.

Let’s take a look at what we measure.

Project Data

Your Project page houses stats and data about your project overall. These stats are updated each time you complete a Read Test. Think of them as a culmination of all your Sections and Read Tests - a high level view as to how your book is performing.

“BookBoro Score”

Your score will appear in the top left-hand corner of your project cover. This is a unique data-driven synthesis to define an author’s project quality and pushability. So what does that mean? Essentially, the BookBoro score is a reflection of your book’s average rating on our website. It’s on a scale of 1-100, so the higher your score, the more popular your work.

Interested Readers

This is the number of unique readers that added your project to their bookshelf.

Active Readers

The number of readers who have started reading and are answering the required survey questions to help you improve your work.

Engaged Readers

These are unique readers who have started reading and are answering all required AND non-required survey questions. Your goal should be to have as many engaged Readers as possible - they provide the most valuable feedback! We recommend sharing your project with family and friends, and on social media to obtain as many engaged Readers as possible.

Reader Comments

This tracks the number of comments made by Readers overall. This number is updated after each completion of a read test. You can see Reader comments at any time by selecting your Read Test.

Average Overall Rating

The average overall rating is calculated from all Read Test ratings. You’ll be given a rating on a scale of 1-5 stars, and it’s updated after each Read Test.

Read Test Data

As a Writer, you’ll be able to view unique data for every Read Test you perform. Have a chapter rewrite? See if your scores are better the second time around. In addition to the above data points, BookBoro will also measure:

Average Read Progress

This data point shows the average percentage of completion for your Read Test. Why is this important? If you notice that your average read progress is 85%, that means Readers are stopping the Read Test toward the end of your Section. Take a second look at your work and see how you can strengthen your writing to make it more compelling.

Ratings by Section Area

This space shows you the average rating of each Section included in your Read Test (if you’ve tested more than one Section at once). You can also see the total number of Readers who have started reading your Section, and the number of completed surveys.

Engagement Area

The engagement space shows you stats that reflect how Readers are interacting with your Read Test. Here you will see:

Shared Project

Percentages of both active and engaged Readers who said they would be likely to share your work with their family and friends.

Interested in Outcome

Percentages of both active and engaged Readers who said they are interested in the outcome of your book.

Comments Area

All of the Reader comments on your Read Test are housed here. Be sure to read these to see what your Readers have to say!

Ratings Overall Area

See how many 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5-star ratings your Read Test received from readers.

Survey Question Areas

In these spaces, you can see how Readers responded to our survey questions before and after reading your work.

There are helpful insights such as:

  • Why the Reader picked up your book
  • How interested the Reader is in the outcome of your character
  • How likely the Reader is to continue reading your work
  • How likely the Reader is to share your work with others
  • If the Reader wants to be alerted when your next Read Test is available
  • If the Reader would purchase this book for themselves or someone else